How to Make a Valentine’s Day Paper Cut Card?

1. Type the words LOVE and YOU in a simple font on a computer; make the LOVE letters a larger size than YOU and print out. This will be your template.

Top Tip! If you have a steady hand you could skip the template stage and freehand cut the letters from the card and papers, or use an electronic die-cutting machine if you have one.

2. Adhere the word LOVE at an angle to a 6.5 “ x 4.5 “ piece of white card with low tack masking or washi tape.

3. Using a craft knife, metal ruler and self-healing cutting mat, carefully cut around the letters on the template and through the card behind.


4. Cut pieces of patterned paper of your choosing from the Dovecraft Hearts & Crosses 6 “ x 6 “ Patterned Paper Pack large enough to cover the back of the letters with a margin for gluing in position.

5. Use a glue pen to glue the papers behind the cut out letters.


6. Cut the YOU letters from your printed template.

7. Cut pieces of patterned or plain papers from the Hearts & Crosses collection and adhere each to white card.

8. Place the template letters on top, draw around them and cut out with scissors.

9. Mount the YOU letters on foam pads and stick into position at an angle under the word LOVE.

10. Adhere the LOVE YOU card to a 5 “ x 7 “ landscape orientated card blank with double sided tape.

11. Add a glitter heart sticker to the centre of the O in LOVE, a glitter arrow to the left of the word YOU and a heart pearl sticker after the U.


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